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pdfLLEI 27/2002, Act of December 20th
Legislative measures to regulate socio-occupational insertion companies.
DOGC núm. 3793 (català) – 03/01/03

pdfDECRET 277/2003, Decreet of November 4th
Operation and competencies of the Registre administratiu d’empreses d’inserció de Catlunya.
DOGC núm. 4013 (català) – 19/11/03

pdfLLEI 15/2005, Act of December 27th
Partial amendment of various legal precepts regarding Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries; Trade; and Health and Labour.
DOGC núm. 4542 (català) – 02/01/06

pdfLLEI 44/2007, Act of December 13th
Regulation of insertion companies.
BOE núm. 299 (castellano) – 14/12/07

pdfLLEI 23/2009, Act of December 23rd, CIRE
Act for the Centre of Insertion Initiatives (CIRE, as per the Catalan acronym)
DOGC Núm. 5536-30.12.2009 – 13/01/10

pdfLLEI 27/2009, Act of December 30th
Act on urgent measures for the maintenance and promotion of employment and the protection of the unemployed.
BOE Núm. 315. – 14/01/10

pdfReial Decret 49/2010, 22 de gener de 2010
Registre Administratiu de les Empreses de Inserció
BOE núm. 29 (castellano) – 03/02/10

pdfReport on Insertion Companies of Catalonia
Approved by the Plenary Session of CTESC on January 25th, 2010
Published by CTESC – 02/05/10

pdfEstadística Peniten., Rehabilitació i justícia Estadística
Serveis penitenciaris, rehabilitació i justícia juvenil 2009. – 11/02/10

pdfRegulations for the awarding of grants and subsidies. Order TRE/805/2009
Regulatory bases for the award of aids and subsidies from the equal work opportunities programs: programs for diversity.
DOGC – 16/02/10

pdfJus/12/2010, January 14th, public offering, 14 gener, convocatòria pública.
Long-term subsidies and aids call, for the years 2010 and 2011, for nonprofits organizations.
DOGC núm.5550-21.1.10 – 24/02/10

pdfOrder Tre/116/2010, February 17th.
Regulatory bases of the award of subsidies for the promotion of the role of Gender Equality Officer in companies with more than 100 employees and call for applications.
DOGC Núm. 5580-4.3.2010 – 05/03/10

pdfOrder Tre/113/2010, modifies Order Tre/509/2009
Regulatory bases for the award of subsidies and aids for the gender equality in work programs: programs for diversity; fixing the maximum amount of certain subsidies, planned by the same Order.
DOGC Núm.5580-4.3.2010 – 05/03/10

pdfInvitation to tender in Malgrat de Mar.
Invitation to tender from the City Hall of Malgrat de Mar for a personal assistance service contract.
DOGC núm. 5583 – 09/03/2010 – 09/03/10

pdfOrder Tre/121/2010, February 18th
Regulatory bases for the subsidies for the establishment of an Equal Gender Opportunities Plan in Catalonia.
DOGC Núm. 5581 – 5.3.2010 – 11/03/10

pdfHandbook on the Application of the EMAS Regulations
Practical handbook for EMAS Regulations.
EMAS Regulations. – 21/05/10

pdfEurope 2030 Project.
Challenges and opportunities. European Council report from the Reflection Group on the future of EU in Europe in 2030.
European Council. – 05/26/10

pdfAcord ciutadà BCN Inclusiva annual day
Networking: strengthening cooperation and co-working skills. – 29/07/10

pdfCouncil and Member States Resolution
Council and representatives of the Member States Governments resolution, meeting at the Council, on the active inclusion of young people: fight against unemployment and poverty.
Official Journal of the EU – 08/30/10

pdfPresent and Future of Insertion Companies
Compilation of reflexions and experiences from experts and direct agents in insertion companies.
DGIOT – 18/10/10

pdfAnalysis of homeless care
Model for homeless care in Catalonia, published by Institut Català d’Assistència i Serveis Socials.
Generalitat de Catalunya – 18/10/10

FEICAT’s Documents

pdfFeicat’s bylaws
pdfFEICAT– Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya enrollment form
pdfMembership fees payment authorization form