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The association FEICAT – Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya is formed by representatives of all Insertion Companies created and/or transformed within the framework of the current legislation (Llei 27/2002 and Llei 44/2007 from December, 13th 2007).

FEICAT – Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya is established as a Second-tier organization, made up of all Insertion Companies included in the Insertion Companies Register of the Labour Department. It has representation in all the regions of Catalonia.

Insertion Companies act wherever a solution for people’s needs, the integration of groups of people at risk of exclusion, and access to any area of social welfare is required.

Insertion Companies emerge as an agent to facilitate social cohesion, backed by the values of solidarity and social responsibility.


To contribute to a society based on justice and solidarity, where citizens enjoy real rights and obligations, so they can fully perform in the world of work, fighting against obstacles and focusing in the means and tools aimed at socio-occupational integration.


To create and promote the culture of Insertion Companies as a tool to fight against social exclusion in Catalonia, helping to fight poverty and social exclusion, from the reality of the different regions, by supporting the creation of Insertion Companies, in the context of social and solidarity-based economy.


  • Second-tier organization composed by business organizations qualified as Insertion Companies and included in the Register.
  • Organization structured in a confederal model, respecting the particularities of the region.
  • Organization defined as non-denominational, progressive, and independent.
  • Organization with critical capacity towards public, political, and social authorities.
  • Organization whose primary goal is to widely extend Insertion Companies and to raise awareness about them among the citizenship.