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pdfFEICAT – Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya enrollment form
pdfMembership fees payment authorization form


Article 2
FEICAT encompasses all insertion companies that, in compliance with the Catalan and the state legislation in force at any time, facilitate, contribute to, or promote socio-occupational insertion, while being registered in the Registre Administratiu d’Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya. .
Article 6
All insertion companies, designated as such as provided by the Catalan Act on Socio-occupational Insertion Companies, Llei Catalana 27/2002, and by the legislation in force at any time, can become members of FEICAT upon application and admission by the Managing Board: · Operate within the territory of the business association · Meet the professional requirements stated in Article 2 · Prove that their commercial activity is developed in ordinary usage in the territory of the Comunidad Autònoma de Catalunya and inform and demonstrate the number of workers in insertion process.
Article 8
The Membership Application has to be submitted in writing, signed, together with the required documentation that confirms the compliance with Articles 2 and 6 of these Bylaws, addressed to the Managing Board, which will report to the board meeting, which shall decide on the admission or the non-admission. This decision can be appealed to the General Meeting. A company shall not belong to another Association with similar characteristics within the territory of Catalonia. The acquisition of status as Partner Company is subject to the payment of the corresponding entrance fee.
pdf FEICAT – Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya Bylaws