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Insertion Companies

Insertion Companies

INSERTION COMPANIES (What are they?) You may refer to the Act, Llei 27/2002 from December 20th in our website, in the Library section.

Insertion Companies, business concept (according to the Act, Llei 27/2002 from December 20th – Article 3)

  1. A business is considered an insertion company when it is designated as such; it pursues an economic activity through the production of goods or provision of services; and its corporate purpose aims primary at the socio-occupational integration of socially excluded people or at great risk of exclusion.
  2. All legally established commercial companies, labour companies, and cooperative businesses, which comply with this Act, can be designated as Insertion Companies.
  3. The primary corporate purpose of these companies must be proved with the compliance of the requirements of Article 4.


  • Insertion Companies keep the working logic of a conventional business, applying methods that promote socio-occupational integration. The role of Insertion Companies through these socioeconomic measures contributes to the socio-occupational integration of people at risk of exclusion, who evidently have specific needs, among other results.
  • Thus, while achieving social goals, Insertion Companies carry out a business idea, producing goods and providing services in different sectors for all types of markets. Establishing business relationships with an Insertion Company, whether it is a company to company cooperation or by the purchase of their products, means to contribute to building a more fair and caring society.
  • Insertion Companies act as a gateway for people with difficulties in their socio-occupational insertion. Insertion Companies help develop these people’s professional skills, making their access to the labour market possible.


Request your application for EI (Catalan acronym for Insertion Company) in the Registre Administratiu d’Empreses d’Inserció Sociolaboral de Catalunya in this website.