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Even though Insertion Companies are distinguished for complying with a series of requirements that allow them to be designated as such, as well as by their philosophy on social responsibility and their commitment with the region, they might work with one or various types of groups of people at risk of social exclusion. In turn, Insertion Companies might work in one specific professional sector or in a combination of several sectors. Target groups (according to the Act of December, 20th 2002, Llei 27/2002 – Article 2)

1) Socio-occupational insertion is aimed at socially excluded groups or people at risk of exclusion, who are unemployed and have difficulties accessing the labour market.

2) The target of socio-occupational insertion are people who, standing in the situation described in section 1, belong to any of the following groups:

  • People with a physical, mental, or sensory disability; or with a mental illness, which can be integrated in the labour market.
  • People who get the Guaranteed Minimum Income.
  • People who are not beneficiaries of the Guaranteed Minimum Income, because they do not comply with the requirements established in the Act of Guaranteed Minimum Income of July, 3rd (Article 6.1, LLei 10/1997).
  • People over sixteen years old and under thirty years old coming from child welfare facilities..
  • People with drug addiction or alcoholism problems undergoing rehabilitation and reinsertion programs.
  • Prison inmates who are allowed to access a job; people on parole; and ex-prisoners.
  • People who cannot access the Guaranteed Minimum Income, but are at risk of exclusion according to the relevant social services.
  • Long term unemployed over forty-five years old.

3) The access of a person to an insertion company must be preceded by a social and labour report, approved in the region of Catalonia.